Senior year flies by in the blink of an eye! As a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio with almost 20 years of experience specializing in senior portraits, I've witnessed it happen over and over again. With so much going on and everyone heading in different directions, it can be overwhelming for both seniors and parents...wanting to enjoy this last year together, but being so busy with everything! 


How to Make Time Stop

All of us mamas want to stop time at various moments throughout our kids' childhood. I'm going to let you in on a little secret...did you know photographers are kind of like magicians? We can't stop time, but we can capture it in a way that makes it feel as though it's standing still! One of the best ways to freeze these fleeting moments and hold onto them forever is through a senior session that celebrates your graduate and captures who they truly are in this special moment in their lives. 

Not Just For The Senior

Senior pictures serve a dual purpose – they're for the graduating seniors themselves, and also for the proud parents!

For Seniors:  It's a chance to commemorate their accomplishments, showcase their distinct personality and style, and create lasting memories with an experience that will boost their confidence as they step into the next exciting chapter of their life. It's one of those "rites of passage," as a high school senior.

For Parents: It's a way to capture the pride, love, and excitement you have for your senior, and also an opportunity to share in an incredible experience together. Think about it for clothes, getting her nails done or his hair cut, all the things you will one day miss doing together when they have left the nest! The photos we create become cherished memories that will line the walls of your home and adorn the pages of that album you flip through and share with friends and family. Giving your son or daughter the experience of a unique senior photo session enables you to be an integral part of this remarkable journey with them.

Think about it – when was the last time you had professional photos taken of them? Maybe when they were little? They've transformed and grown so much since then, becoming the confident, capable young adults you've helped them to be!


Don't Let It Get Away From You!

We all get busy and time really does fly...don't let these precious senior-year moments slip away without capturing them with beautiful photos and an incredible experience together. Make memories with your senior that you will all treasure for a lifetime! Give them an experience that will boost their confidence and one they will remember as a special time spent together.

And when the time comes for them to venture off to college or pursue their next big adventure, I promise you'll find yourself revisiting these photos over and over. These frozen moments will bring comfort to your heart when missing them and a smile to your face as you celebrate the incredible journey they're embarking on. So, don't miss the opportunity to hit the pause button and share an unforgettable experience together, create some amazing photos, and capture your senior in all their glory!