Newborn Sessions


When to book a newborn portrait session:

Please book your newborn portrait session before your baby is born whenever possible. Many clients choose to reserve their dates during their second trimester or early in their third. This ensures that space is allotted in my calendar to photograph your baby during the ideal age (between 5 and 10 days old).

I understand that your due date is only an estimate. I will reserve time on and around your due date, ensuring you have a spot in my schedule. Upon your baby’s arrival, you or someone you trust will contact me to keep me in the loop.

*To give each client the best service possible, I book a limited number of portrait sessions per month. It is recommended that clients book newborn sessions as early as possible to ensure availability of dates and avoid disappointment. I will make every effort to accommodate late bookings whenever my schedule permits.

Age of newborn:

Your baby will ideally be less than 2 weeks old. I make every effort to photograph newborns between days 5 and 10. During this window of time, babies are very sleepy, easily posed, less fussy, and have become accustomed to nursing. As newborns get older (10+ days), they tend to be more challenging to pose and settle, may develop baby acne, and have longer wake periods. For these reasons, it’s absolutely essential that the newborn session be scheduled early.


Session Location:

All newborn sessions will take place in the comfort of the client's home.  I bring the studio to you!  Newborns photograph best in their natural state, so there’s no need for you to worry about forgetting outfits or anything at all. This is a time for parents to relax!

Session Duration:

I always take my time with newborns and never rush a session.  We’ll be working around the cues of your baby, which can be unpredictable. I allow up to 4 hours to complete the session, although most sessions last about 3 hours. Much of that time is used for feeding, diaper changes, and soothing the baby.